What you agree to:

• Pay for your storage container on the first of each month in advance.
• Give at least two weeks notice of termination to avoid being charged in full for the final month.
• Insurance of the stored goods is your responsibility.
• Locking of your storage container is your responsibility unless otherwise arranged.
• Checking the condition of your stored goods is your responsibility.
• Not to sub-let all, or part, of your storage container at any time.
• Not to store gas bottles or any dangerous inflammable goods inside your storage container.
• Not to store anything which contravenes British law and/or jeopardises Health and Safety.
• Only to visit your container between 07.30 and 19.30 (access locked outside these hours).

We reserve the right:

• To refuse to store, or to terminate storage, at any time at our discretion.
• To remove goods and re-let a storage container where payment is more than 14 days overdue.
• To totally dispose of goods by whatever means where payment is more than one month overdue unless you have made contact to settle the debt.